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Prose Resume provides career consultancy services allowing our clients to grow, pivot, and convey their value in a meaningful way.

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Hello, I'm Jen and I am the founder of Prose Resume.  Prose Resume was born out of the ideal of "you."  Our clients  choose us to brand and convey their experiences and value.  The quality of our service is our brand.  We do not use templates from other sites and each resume is individually designed and customized.  As a team we have a combined 12+ years of experience in consultancy as well as leading and developing people.  Book a Free Consultation today to find out more.



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"I am extremely grateful for Jen’s expertise in career coaching and interviewing.  She listened to my interests and challenged me to look beyond finding a job but a fulfilling career.  She coached me throughout all of my career advancements from Health Educator to Registered Nurse to Dermatology Nurse Practitioner.  During my latest career transition she encouraged me to explore work from home options.  As a working mother of two, with a husband who travels, the task of juggling everything was beyond stressful.  With Jen’s expertise in job market analysis we were able to discuss other options that enhance my ability to fulfill my career and take care of my family.  She also provides outstanding services for interview preparation.  Everyone knows how intimidating the interview process can be.  Jen guided me through answering common and complex questions.  This brought down my anxiety level and created an opportunity for employers to get to know who I am.  Her services are timely, individualized, and inspiring.  For anyone who is trying to take their career to the next level I strongly recommend Jen because she has a strong commitment to helping each of her clients become successful!"

Ngozi Ohuoba, DNP-C


"Working with Jen at Prose Resume LLC has been a rewarding experience. I was in need of a resume upgrade, I also needed assistance with sharpening my interview skills. Jen made the necessary adjustments to make my resume stand out as I transitioned out of the hospital setting. Jen also provided the extra push that I needed to get in the door with the company that I was interested in working with and I was able to land an interview. One of the first things mentioned during my interview was how great my resume looked. This particular company interviewed me for over 3 hours. Prose Resume LLC helped me with my interview preparation. I felt confident and articulate throughout the interview process and ultimately I was offered the position I interviewed for. I recommend Prose Resume LLC to anyone who needs to improve their resume, as well as anyone who needs to improve their interview skills."

Darcel Graham, BSN, RN


"I requested Resume Coaching services from Prose Resume LLC, however when I received my 1-2 page report, life happened and I became too busy to make the edits myself.  A few weeks later I received a request for an updated resume, and I ended up booking the Professional Resume Package with an expedited service request.  Jen was great and I received my Professional Resume Package in 24 hours as requested.  The hiring manager told me personally that my masterfully written resume caught their eye and they just had to interview me."

Gia Donapel, MAT, Educator

Interested in becoming a satisfied client? Get in touch with us today and see how our services can benefit you.

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